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First up, our host mountains. They reek of mystery and history, and you really have to be intrepid on foot to get to know them. Sometime in the 1800’s, British fortitude built a classic Bungalow amidst secluded terrain and dangerous forests to cultivate coffee.

Much of the seclusion and thrill remains in every step as you explore over 400 acres of largely unexplored Shola forest mountain slopes located in the Western Ghats around Chikmagalur. And all this, while you stay at the same heritage base camp.


At MandalWoods there’s a thrill at every turn, shola grassland and mountains to conquer, fears to unlearn Midnight walks to the forest line, a tingling sense of spooky but trust us, it’s fine! Storms, streams and slippery slopes, stunning landscapes, where deer roam and a tiger lopes .


Pitch a tent or stay in the machan to brave the night With cricket or football, let sporting spirit take flight. You may nurse a scratch, sprain or fleeting mental strife But do a  MandalWoods Adventure, its worth it for life!

A Forest View Dining Zone
Campfire Space
pet friendly AREA 
Mandal jeep ride
HOT Shower

Our entire camp of stay is spread out on a 2 acre garden and several acres of coffee plantation with forest mountains surrounded it that includes several view-points, shaded nooks, hammock or reclining ledges and machans.

The verandahs and dining Zone offer a green expansive view that can provide nature’s best massage to the senses.')"  

Apart from coffee there’s a lot of new adventure brewing, so do check with us for what more you can do..

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